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Helicon Photo Safe can protect your photos using password encryption
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Helicon Photo Safe is a fully-featured image management application. Beside the basic functions, like displaying, importing, and organizing images, the program offers advanced security options for images.

There are three levels of protection available, each one based on a different process. First level, encrypts the image content, using a light algorithm with a password. The second, and the recommended one for the casual users, saves images as password-protected ZIP files. The last level offers the most consistent protection. It uses a bank-level encryption algorithm, which provides high security for your images. However, protecting a large number of images this way takes a very long time, due to the large number of operations required and heavy computer usage.

The biggest risk of using an advanced file protection, is the password loss. Unfortunately, Helicon Photo Safe does not have an option to recover passwords. Developers offer a free password recovery option by contacting them from a registered email account.

A very useful option included in the application, is a special layout for images browsing. This opens two tabs, one for each selected folder. Pictures can be dragged between the tabs allowing an easy organization.

Images can be recorded on CD/DVD-ROM media directly from Helicon Photo Safe using the built-in burning option.

A large number of image formats is supported by the application including various RAW file types.

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  • Multiple image protection options
  • Good interface


  • No password recovery option included
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